Decoupage King: John Derian

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How is it that I never tire of John Derian’s fanciful decoupage?  You’d think I would find it tragically overdone by now, but I still adore it so!  When I lived in Manhattan his shop was just a few blocks from my apartment and I’d often stop in on my way home from work.  It has one of the best selections of decoupage, antiques, quilts, and artwork in all of New York—truly a gem tucked away in the East Village.  From the custom furniture to the brightly colored moroccan poufs, every piece in the shop is colorful and fun.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the artist, the John Derian Company was established in 1989 and all the decoupage designs are handmade in John’s studio.  I used to see John in the shop quite often and  would get so excited to be in the presence of such talent.  I was always struck by how down to earth he seemed—always so kind and helpful despite the immense publicity his work has received.  Keep up the good work John Derian, you most certainly get the NEO-trad seal of approval!

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John Derian Company

6 East 2nd Street

New York, New York

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