Stationery Obsession – Bella Muse


I will never forget the first day I came across a Bella Muse greeting card in a teeny boutique in my hometown.  The “have expensive luggage will travel” line made me laugh out loud and I was instantly hooked.  Thanks to the Bella Muse website I was able to order a wide variety of wise-cracking, vintage inspired cards all of which receive a gushingly positive response from their recipients.  My boyfriend still has his “especially for my sweetie pie” hanging above his desk—certainly a classic in the making.  The woman behind the witticisms that comprise Bella Muse is artist and typographer (what a cool title) Alicia Peck.  She opened the company in 2003 drawing from her love of “writing, whimsy, humor and antique illustrations.”  Her work is sold at upscale home stores and boutiques throughout the States.  We can’t wait to see what Alicia comes up with next!







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