Eco-Friendly Crush: Rubie Green Textiles

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Those of us here at the NEO-traditionalist have long adored Rubie Green textiles and now that they’ve launched a bedding line, well, we’re absolutely smitten!  The creation of former Domino staff member Michelle Adams (a NEO-trad muse), Rubie Green brings us fun, chic fabric patterns that respect our planet.  My personal favorite from the new bedding line is the pale pink and white “East Village.”  It reminds me of my days living in Manhattan’s Alphabet City and is bound to be a classic.

Interested in ordering from Rubie Green?  Check out their website here.

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One comment on “Eco-Friendly Crush: Rubie Green Textiles

  1. Michelle

    Wow- thank you SO MUCH for this post!! I’m so flattered to be featured on your site, and so happy you like Rubie Green :) Thanks for making my day!
    Xo Michelle .

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