Vanessa Bruno – Parisian Fashion Goddess

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I bought my one and only Vanessa Bruno dress at a vintage store in New York’s East Village.  I fell in love with it’s soft, subtle Grecian pleats and there was simply no turning back.  Of course I came home to do some research and what I found only made me love the dress more!  Vanessa’s website is quintessential Parisian chic.

Vanessa opened her first boutique in the happening Marais district in Paris in 1991 after having explored fashion production and modeling.  We love her motto: “easy clothes for difficult girls.”  Modeling in these photos is Parisian it-girl Lou Doillon, daughter of style icon Jane Birkin.


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On June 17 Vanessa released the CD compilation below (how great is the cover?) to support the “Plant a Tree” project.  For each CD purchased five trees will be planted in support of reforestation operations.  The music selection is perfection.  Check it out on Vanessa’s website HERE.

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