Dining in Style


I’ve been thinking about investing in fine china for years now, but can never seem to settle on just one pattern (not to mention it’s a substantial investment!).  I think most likely I’ll end up mixing and matching.  Here are some of my long-time favorites!  Above: Constance by Bernardaud.


Syracuse by Haviland

Picture 13

Oriental Flower by Meissen

Weave by Tiffany and Co.


Balcon du Guadalquivir by Hermes

Picture 12

Primrose Hill by Kate Spade.

2 comments on “Dining in Style

  1. Lena

    Oh my-the Tiffany Weave is so classic, and who can resist that bold red Hermes? I’m supposed to inherit my grandmother’s china (a Wedgwood pink rose pattern) that is so far from John’s style I can’t even imagine how I’d serve him anything on it-my plan is to add lots of simple banded Kelly green pieces to give it a more balanced feel. As is, the stuff should really only be used for the nicest tea parties!

  2. Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic

    The Hermes pattern is fantastic!

    Right now, I’m completely stuck on the Scandinavian / Chinese brand Elinno.com? Seen their designs? They’re all made with the idea that you’re supposed to mix and match :)

    Happy Wednesday!!


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