Book Envy: LULU by Lulu de Kwiatkowski

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I’ve been meaning to buy LULU by Lulu de Dwiatkowski for some time now and finally made the splurge online this morning.  The book’s collages are simply irresistible!  For those of you that don’t know Lulu, she is the creative genius behind the Lulu DK textile line.  She is also daughter of late billionaire Henryk de Kwiatkowski.  The book is a monograph brimming with colorful handmade collages combining painting, photography, writing and drawing.  The subjects and scenes are drawn from Lulu’s childhood in the seventies and later her exotic travels around the globe.  The first time I came across the book I literally poured over the pages for an hour.  They are full of romance (with Lulu’s now husband, an Italian aristocrat), glamour and adventure.  Lulu’s book celebrates the past and present in a way that is unmistakably NEO-traditional!  Enjoy!


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Order yourself a copy of LULU here!



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