Richard Foulser photograph

Picture 27



“My wife, Ursula, does not like to have her picture taken.  I have to snap candid shots of her, like this one from December 2003.  It was taken on the beach on our Christmas holiday, and that’s Oona, our daughter, in Ursula’s arms.  It captures what I love most about my wife: She’s seriously protective of her kids.  Ursula worked through her first pregnancy and after the birth of our son Harvey, but when we got pregnant with Oona, Ursula decided whe wanted to focus full-time on the kids.  She’s at her happiest and most relaxed when she’s with them—like in this photo.  Here, Oona is front and center.  And for some reason she’s wearing socks on the beach!  That’s my favorite part of the photo.”

Richard Fouler, 43, married to Ursula Foulser, 38, for 10 years

Real Simple Magazine, February 2009

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