Gorgeous Starter Home in the Catskills

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My boyfriend and I came across this home in the New York Times and are so inspired!  Brooklyn couple Christina Salway and John Moskowitz bought the home in the Catskills for a mere $95,000 and did all the renovating themselves (with the exception of the roof).  The 700-square-foot cottage includes a garage that was converted into a Living Room using salvaged windows and glass-paned doors.  Judging by the chicness of the finished product, it’s no surprise that Ms. Salway is an interior designer.  Some of my favorite little touches were  the retro appliances for the kitchen and the mis-matched vintage dining chairs all painted white.  Most impressive of all is that the resourceful couple found most of the home’s furnishings and artwork at flea markets, on Craigslist and from trash cans!  We love it.


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