“The Lettered Set” – New York Times

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Stationary is making a comeback according to a fabulous article recently published by the New York Times and I couldn’t be more pleased!  In the piece titled “The Lettered Set” writer Penelope Green argues that “social papers are thriving, in spite of, or perhaps because of the prevailing digital culture.”  She interviews various style setters on their paper preferences and comes to the conclusion that despite the recent folding of the historic stationer  Mrs. John L. Strong (the Duchess of Windsor was a fan), custom stationary is more important than ever before.  Interior designer Celerie Kemble says of handwritten notes, “It’s a little flash of character and extra care.  Using a card says, ‘You’ve stopped me in my tracks and this comes from my heart.'”  Elizabeth Mayhew, the lifestyle expert for the “Today” show (see super chic photo below—is that painting not to die for?), is interviewed about her extensive paper collection which she keeps in her striking secretary above.  Mrs. Mayhew views her custom papers as “an extension of her personal style and design aesthetic.”  The NEO-traditionalist couldn’t agree more!

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Read the full article HERE.

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