Jackie Kennedy White House Tour – 1962

Picture 69

I’ve just started reading Sally Bedell Smith’s “Grace and Power: The Private World of the Kennedy White House” and find myself more fascinated than ever by America’s Camelot.  Below is the exclusive White House tour Jackie gave CBS’s Charles Collingwood on February 14, 1962.

Video courtesy of CBS

2 comments on “Jackie Kennedy White House Tour – 1962

  1. Joanna

    ^You mean 1962. 2962 is waaaaay in the future! ;-)

    I can’t get over how Jackie’s voice sounds. It’s a lot breathier (I just made that word up) than I imagined it to be.

  2. splendid market

    thank you for sharing this — I have seen portions of this tour, and always want to see more. She seems pretty nervous, and as if she is trying hard to remember a script, don’t you think? What a graceful beauty though.

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