Alexis Mabille – Couture’s Interpreter of Dreams


Picture 67


I can’t help but adore the elegant frills of Alexis Mabille’s fall collection.  According to Mabille is “the young contender at Paris couture—a new talent with a romantic touch, a French sensibility, plenty of skill at his fingertips, and a refreshing way of thinking about merging old ways with new.”  Old ways with new?  Sounds as though we’ve discovered yet another NEO-traditionalist in our midst!  Mabille began his fall collection by imagining a young woman tangled in her bedclothes having just awoke from a long night of dreaming.  It is a romantic vision and the clothes, dripping in eyelet and lace, support Mabille’s imaginings completely.  Judging by the variety, some ensembles are dark and geometric while others flowing and airy, her dreams ranged from nightmarish to counting sheep.  Below are some images from Mabill’s memorable collection courtesy of


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