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The swirled glass tumblers above jumped out at me from the pages of Martha Stewart Living.  They are the design of Rhode Island artisan Laura Kramer and are available in a multitude of colors.  I love that they can be used as a cocktail tumbler, a vase for fresh blooms, or even votive holders.  In true NEO-traditionalist fashion they are modern and whimsical, yet celebrate and continue an age-old art.  I am most impressed by Kramer’s resume—she studied glass and textile design at the Rhode Island School of Design, has a MFA in glass from Ohio State University and has Masters in anthropology from Columbia University.  Clearly this artist knows the history of her craft!  Kramer established LBK Studio in 2000 having already traveled and worked extensively in places such as Italy (on the famous glass blowing island of Murano), New Orleans, Denmark, China and Kenya.  According to her website (which you really ought to visit), “LBK Studio’s work is influenced by: Scandinavian forms, the history of Murano, and almost everything Kenyan.”  Certainly a combo we don’t see everyday…


mix tumblers 1


samples 1


twist colors 3 in tall size





(First image courtesy of Martha Stewart, all others LBK Studio)

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