An Avedon A Day…

Picture 169


I realize I posted an Avedon photograph yesterday, but I can’t  seem to get his archives off my mind so I’ve decided to hell with it—I’m going to post “an Avedon a day” for the next week (or for however long I see fit…).  This shot is of 1950’s mannequin Sunny Harnett wearing a cape by Jean Desses.  It was taken in August of 1954.  Stunning!

(Image from here)

2 comments on “An Avedon A Day…

  1. Nichole

    It’s too bad you’re not here in SF– the MOMA has an Avedon exhibit on right now and it is simply stunning! I loved loved loved it.

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    I know! I saw it in New York before it headed out west : ) Amazing!

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