Adam: The Love Story Re-Fashioned


This trailer for “Adam” literally gave me goosebumps.  What a clever, heartfelt take on the old-fashioned romantic comedy!  Adam is a handsome, but socially inexperienced young man that suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism.  The film follows him as he falls in love with Beth, his new neighbor upstairs, a young, cosmopolitan girl who “pulls him into the outside world.”  Starring the charming Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne, the film already won an award at Sundance and was picked up by 20th Century Fox (they brought us Juno and Slumdog…enough said).  Shot on a low-budget in less than a month, Adam should be a welcome surprise after this summer’s string of blockbuster romantic comedies that failed to make an impact.  Adam seems to have an idiosyncratic magic the other’s lacked.


Picture 204


(Image courtesy of Fox Searchlight)

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