Sarah Graham All Abloom

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Many of you may have noticed two paintings from Sarah Graham’s artichoke series on the cover of House Beautiful this month.  Decorator Bunny Williams used them in her Living Room at New York’s Kips Bay showhouse (see image below) and as far as I’m concerned, they stole the show!  I did some research on Graham and was so very pleased with what I found.  Born in 1973 in Edinburgh, much of Graham’s flowering botanicals are based upon her personal travels in nature.  Between 1994 and 2005 she traveled around the world drawing and painting in places as far off as China, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and United States (namely California and Long Island).  Graham blows up her plant drawings as a means of turning them nearly “abstract” and writes, “the plant kingdom is a form of constant mystery and means of self-projection for me, a search for the spiritual meaning in Nature.”  Below are more images of Graham’s work and a glimpse of her studio.  Wouldn’t you just die to visit and discuss her spiritual quest over a cup of tea?




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(Interior image courtesy of the NY Times, all other images courtesy of Sarah Graham Gallery)

3 comments on “Sarah Graham All Abloom

  1. Barbara

    Are there prints available to buy of the marvelous artichokes that were in the 2009 House Beautiful edition and where may I purchase them.
    Kind regards,
    Barbara Baugh

  2. Kay Chin

    I am a Botanical Artist and have always delighted in pushing the boundaries as you Sheila Graham has so successfully done!

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