Smith-Corona ’66



John just snapped this photo on his iPhone to show off his new vintage typewriter via Twitter.  What a dork, right?  I think it’s adorable.  We found the 1966 Smith-Corona “Super Sterling” for $10 at the flea market and he’s borderline obsessed (typical writer…).  Inside sits the love letter he typed me for our most recent anniversary.  John’s bookcase is a true reflection of himself—busy, well-read, eclectic interests.  There sits his sparkling beverage of choice, the A.T. Cross pen he tenderly tucks into his pocket each morning before work, an old blue bottle we found in some dingy shop off Route 1 in Maine, a brass duck paperweight that belonged to my grandfather…  I love John, and I love his cluttered, colorful bookcase.  I suppose this makes me a very lucky girl.


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