“The New Antiquarians”

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The New York Times just published yet another design article that blew me away.  This week Penelope Green writes about “The New Antiquarians,”  young folk embracing vintage style and decoration.  Profiled are sisters (and bloggers!) Hollister and Porter Hovey and their loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Green writes of the apartment, “There are also apothecary cabinets, fencing masks and pith helmets, stacks of antique luggage and a taxidermy collection that would make Teddy Roosevelt proud.”  What a place!  I’ll let the pictures above and below speak for themselves.  Oh and be sure to check out Hollister’s blog, it’s like stepping back in time with a terribly chic tour guide.


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Also profiled in the article is Sean Crowly, a neckwear designer at Ralph Lauren, and his girlfriend, Meredith Modzelewski.  The couple’s Fort Greene, Brooklyn apartment shares a similar sense of nostalgia with the Hovey’s—only with white walls.  Crowly’s interests include English and French umbrellas from the 1930s and 40s, cooking, and sewing, among other things.  The combination of antlers and Edwardian portraits makes for quite the statement.


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Last, but not least is artisan Ryan Matthew who shares the Hovey sisters’ love of taxidermy.  Mr. Matthew is a silversmith and soon-to-be shop owner.  His upcoming clothing and decor boutique, Against Nature, will open on Christie Street this August.  Says Mr. Matthew, “We’ll have barristers’ shelves and old leather chairs and two albino peacocks I have in the basement here.”  Now that I want to see!


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(All images courtesy of Michael Weschler for The New York Times)

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