Doyle & Doyle: A True Gem

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Of all the places I find myself missing since leaving Manhattan, perhaps the most is the vintage jewel shop Doyle & Doyle.  Located on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side (conveniently just blocks away from my old apartment) this charming shop is a treasure trove for any jewelry admirer.  Their selection of antique and vintage jewels is impeccable—fun, colorful, ranging from delicate to bold…  The collage I created above is only a small taste.  Beyond the breathtaking selection, I was always impressed by the friendly atmosphere of the shop with it’s classic decor and handsome navy facade.  All the young women that work there are eager to help and there isn’t a ounce of snootiness to be found (how refreshing!).  Much of Doyle and Doyle’s collection is available online and their Style Gems Blog is certainly worth reading.


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(Images courtesy of Doyle and Doyle)

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  1. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Lauren! So wonderful to hear from you! I’m pleased you like the blog. I’m just getting up and running, but couldn’t wait any longer to gush about Doyle & Doyle. I’ve added you to my “Kindred Spirits” and “Sites We Adore.” I’ll continue to spread the word and of course, shop the site : )

    XXX Kate

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