DID YOU HEAR??? Kate Spade Clothing Collection!

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This just made my day!!!  I swung by the Kate Spade website which has been given a glamourous new orange facelift and what did I find?  A sneak peek of their debut clothing collection!  It will officially debut August 11th, but below are some images from their “sneak peek”…  To see the film short with all the peeks visit the site HERE.


Picture 65


Picture 70


Picture 68


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3 comments on “DID YOU HEAR??? Kate Spade Clothing Collection!

  1. SBLP

    Thank you for this fabulous and exciting update :) I am sending praise to up and above that Walnut Creek actually has a Kate Spade store… weird.

  2. pillow mint

    great blog — i’m adding it to my page. (found you by way of M.A. Belle) and I love how there’s someone else who feels nerdy at the excitement of things. I wrote today that I felt “light-headed” and “giddy” looking through the Sept. issue of House Beautiful. Now *that’s* nerdy.

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