Ginny + Ed: A Gatsby-esque Affair



I don’t know Ginny and Ed, but I have a feeling that if I did I would love them dearly.  Not only did their wedding have a 1920’s theme, but all the guests arrived dressed to the nines.  These unforgettable images were shot by their very talented wedding photographer Josh Goleman.  Don’t they look straight out of The Great Gatsby?  Enjoy.




















(Images courtesy of Once Wed and Josh Goleman Photography)

One comment on “Ginny + Ed: A Gatsby-esque Affair

  1. ginnybranch stelling

    oh my gosh! i have just spent literally all day pouring over your wonderful, wonderful blog. i even got excited over your post about getting your drivers license- i got mine two weeks ago as a 26 year old! same thing, never learned, never knew even how to make the car go!

    anyway, i was also glad you were a short-haired bride, thinking about how i was too. and then here are pictures from our 1920s wedding! thanks for posting them, that’s so nice :) too bad you aren’t in the south, i think we’d be friends :)

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