Not Your Third Grade Diorama…





I don’t know about you, but my idea of a diorama never included antique fabrics and marquetry tables!  I’m more of the Play-Doh school of thought (sophisticated, I know…).  Clearly the vision of New York antique dealer and craftsman Helen Bruce was far more elaborate than my own.  These charming miniature interior dioramas were created by Bruce in the 1950’s and are now available for purchase from Frederick P. Victoria & Son.  In her shop Bruce (b. 1880) sold many miniature dolls and dollhouse accessories with which she often created these detailed dioramas depicting 19th century millinery  shops and interiors.  I love her attention to detail—upholstered walls, knotted rugs, framed artwork!  To see a collection of more than thirty dioramas by Helen Bruce visit the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.










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