Wedding Pink



When I saw these wedding photos on Once Wed (my newest obsession, you MUST check it out for yourself) I fell head over heels for the bride’s hot pink shoes.  The couple, Adam + Sarah, are simply too cool for school in their vintage inspired attire.  Just look at the way she draped her pearls, can you say l-o-v-e-l-y?  Back to the shoes however, the way they, in the photos, peek out from underneath her gown in all their pink satin glory—what fun!  What pizazz!  I don’t even know Sarah, but I’m already big fan.  The girl has got great taste in shoes.








(Images by Ashley Garmon Photographers via Once Wed)

2 comments on “Wedding Pink

  1. erinomcglynn

    Kate, Love your site…it reminds me of you, 100%…great wedding photos, love the vintage clothes and the pink shoes…and the pearls are too lovely!! xo Erin (not your mom; the other one!)

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Thank you Erin! I’m touched you’re reading it! Can’t wait to see you in California next week! XXX

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