Loro Piana Interiors


These photos published by Veranda magazine of the Loro Piana showroom in the D&D made me swoon.  Just look—even the fabric wings are hung on beautifully branded leather loops!  Though Loro Piana Interiors was officially launched in 2006 the showroom only opened in New York last fall.  The Loro Piana family has been making their luxurious fabrics for over six generations and has established a reputation for the finest materials in the world, the fibers hailing from three continents.  The interiors collection includes such extravagances as 100% cashmere carpeting, can you even imagine?  The fabric line also includes the Italian company’s trademark cashmere as well as wool, silk, linen, cotton, and leather.  I saw the fabrics used in a project I worked on in New York and they truly are just as luxurious as the company’s clothing.  Next time I’m back in Manhattan I think I may have to swing by for a glimpse of the fall showroom in all its aubergine glory.





(All photos courtesy of Veranda, Photographed by John Bessler)

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