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Mark Shaw in Paris, 1960


I can’t decide what I love most about these 1960’s Mark Shaw photographs—the fantastic attire on the models or the dashing Parisian interiors?  I have a book of Shaw’s photography of the Kennedy family (he is most famous for his chronicling of America’s Camelot) and have long been a fan of his rich, striking fashion photographs.  I adore his use of lighting—be it natural shining in from a window or low and sultry from a table lamp it always gives Shaw’s photographs a distinct mood.   My favorite?  The purple coat beside the leopard sofa.  Yours?





(images found at ana lee)

The New Cake Plate





I am head over heels for these custom created vintage cake plates by Olivia Rae in Charleston, South Carolina.  A student at the College of Charleston, Olivia also works at a cupcake shop and is well, just plain adorable.  Below is the header of her BLOG—I mean really, could it be cuter?  I have a feeling you’ll be smitten.

Picture 73

A headboard fit for a Queen…


The queen of Italian cinema, that is.  So we all know Sophia Loren is stunning (thank you spaghetti), but would you please look past her for just one moment to the extravagant nail-trimmed headboard?  It looks like tufted silk or something equally luxurious and the shape is positively regal.  I’m saving this photograph in my design archives—wouldn’t it be fun and dramatic for a little girl’s bedroom?

(image found here)