The dog days of summer…

Picture 25

I just took Alfie (our new pug pup) for a walk and it’s so hot outside he finally just plopped down on his belly in someone’s front yard and refused to go any further.  I carried him home the rest of the way and now we’re sitting in front of the fan sipping on coke (me) and slurping up water (him).  Perhaps there’s a bit of summer yet to be had…

(photo by Cordellia)

2 comments on “The dog days of summer…

  1. joni webb

    something is wrong with your blog – on aol – I have been trying to leave a comment on there for days – thanking you for the skirted roundtable shout out. i finally left to try it on another browser! something is wrong – it wont let you leave comments on aol!!!! but thank you so much for writing that! much appreciated!!

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Thank you for making such a great effort to stop by Joni! I really, truly appreciate it! And thank you for notifying me of the AOL loading glitch—yikes! I’ll have to look into that… It was great to hear you answering my question on The Skirted Roundtable, I so enjoy listening to you ladies! XX Kate

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