Girl Crush: Garance Dore


Ladies and gentleman I have a new favorite illustrator:  Garance Dore of Paris.  I discovered her via Ruby Press (their blog is spectacular—read it) and became completely and utterly obsessed with Dore in a matter of seconds.  Just look at her drawings!  Aren’t they fun and chic and feminine and…?  Her blog is originally written in her native French, but has become so wildly successful she now has entries translated into English (thank you!).  One glance at her sketchbook and there is no doubt, this woman is devastatingly cool.




3 comments on “Girl Crush: Garance Dore

  1. Daniella

    I love Garance! Not only does she sketch beautiful illustrations I find her writing hilarious… I love the way she describes her stories… did you ever read the post about never, ever wearing running shoes? lol…

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