A Handsome Trunk


I wish I were decorating a bachelor pad at the moment so I had an excuse to buy this yummy cigar leather Mayfair Steamer Double Chest from Restoration Hardware.  The reproduction antique steamer trunk is handmade of distressed vintage cigar leather over a solid wood frame.  It’s all in the details—the drawers are lined in canvas and their are over 3,000 hand-hammered brass nailheads.  No two are exactly alike.  Isn’t it so very handsome?



2 comments on “A Handsome Trunk

  1. Nichole

    great minds think i like– i have two large trunks, covered in travel stickers, stacked in my room. These are obviously a lot nicer though– mine def do not have canvas lined drawers!

    Thank God they don’t have a more feminine version of this; I would have to buy it.

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