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Is anyone else out there mildly obsessed with Wallpaper City Guides?  I have a few sitting handsomely on my bookshelf and am ecstatic to have an excuse to buy the “Buenos Aires” edition.  Beyond their interesting write ups, the design of the teeny books themselves is just so retro chic.  As described by Phaidon, the City Guides “present a tightly edited, discretely packaged list of all the best a location has to offer the design-conscious traveler.”  Part to me is dying to splurge on a guide for each city I’ve visited (to amass a personal collection of sorts…), but that would be rather costly.  For the time being I’ll just have to buy as I go… Buenos Aires, you’re up next!


4 comments on “The well-traveled bookshelf…

  1. Liz

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard of Wallpaper city guides… But you’ve intrigued me! And I, too, will be buying the Buenos Aires edition as my boyfriend and I are traveling there in November! We are SO excited. Our very good friends are from there and they made a power point about what we must do each day! Have you guys decided on BA officially for your honeymoon?

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Liz! I’m so excited I found you in cyber space—you’ll have to tell me all about your trip in November! We haven’t bought flights yet (we won’t be going until next may), but as far as I’m concerned it’s a done deal. I’ll just have to live vicariously through your adventures until it’s our turn. You’re so lucky to have the local inside scoop. Thanks so much for stopping by!
    XX Kate

  3. Liz

    I’d love to pass on the inside scoop :) We’re going to be in BA for 7 days, Punta del Este for 6 and Iguazu Falls for 3! I plan on blogging while I’m there as a travel journal. Really enjoying your blog!

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