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I’ve been drooling over the Heath Ceramics catalog all morning and thought I ought to share.  The company’s beautiful ceramics are known for their modernist lines and rich, earthy color palette.  I love a company with history and Heath certainly fits the bill.  The last of the famous mid-century California potteries still producing their original ware, Heath pieces are still hand-crafted in their original studio in Sausalito, California using the same clay body Edith Heath developed fifty-some years ago.  The handsome, clean designs are Bauhaus inspired yet still manage to retain a lovely handmade feel.  I’d like to someday collect their “coupe” pattern (below) which was launched in 1948 and has been in production ever since.



Heath 3



On a side note, those of you who haven’t been to Sausalito it’s an absolute must—California’s answer to Italy’s Amalfi Coast sitting just across the Golden Gate from San Francisco.  Heath has a factory store there that I’m dying to go back and visit!

6 comments on “Heath Ceramics

  1. Stacie

    How cool! I like the Chez Panisse line too, so gorgeous!

    My grandma has a set of handmade pottery dishes that she has had for probably 40+ years and they are still going strong. “Real” ceramics are just incredibly durable and there is just something so special about eating from a vessel made by hand.

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Red Lipstick Style! I agree with you completely, there’s something about the Heath line that just makes you want to eat greens! Must be the lovely organic quality of the ceramics… : )
    XX Kate

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