Julius Shulman: Visual Acoustics


My friend Tallent from Texas just sent me a link to what looks to be a phenomenal new film on the work of Julius Shulman.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this iconic architectural photographer he is accredited with bringing modernism into the American mainstream, having photographed nearly every major modern architect since the 1930’s.  That’s right: Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Mies Van Der Rohe, John Lautner, Frank Ghery and many, many more.  Shulman passed away this year and the film is said to be a “joyful portrait of the magnetic, whip-smart gentleman who chronicled [modern architecture] with his unforgettable images.”  The film, Visual Acoustics, opens in theaters on October 9th.  Above, one of Shulman’s most famous images taken at the Stahl residence in Los Angeles in 1960.  Below, a trailer for the film.

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