All in the mix…


I love this room.  Love the bold asymmetrical stripes on the traditional Portuguese chairs.  The neutral palette with the busy carpet.  The art hung and the art cooly leaning against the wall.  The eclectic mix of modern and antiques.  Did I mention it’s in a private apartment in Buenos Aires?  Do you remember it?  God I miss Domino.

(image from the june 2006 issue)

3 comments on “All in the mix…

  1. Maia

    The Argentines are TERRIFIC at interior design! I used to get my mum to bring me back design mags when she went on her annual fishing trips to Argentina.

  2. erika

    this is so inspiring how the art is hung and sitting on the floor!!! i always try to replicate this but somehow it nevers comes out as chic!

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