The rotary makes a comeback…



If I didn’t already have a vintage phone I loved and adored (one of the best finds I’ve ever made), I’d surely snatch up this “Vintage Red Western Electric Rotary Phone” being sold on Etsy.  The shade of red is perfection.  It would look so fun perched on a desk beside a pretty bouquet of blooms.

8 comments on “The rotary makes a comeback…

  1. cathi

    We had a phone just like that when I was growing up – it was a baby blue color…My sister has a wall rotary in yellow in her kitchen…she adores it! Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Hubster

    This phone will only work in Europe. Look at the electrical plug. I suppose you could splice, but then you’ve got a nice red phone with a gob of black electrical tape on the cord. Anyway, I want a black rotary in my future office.

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