Mark Shaw in Paris, 1960


I can’t decide what I love most about these 1960’s Mark Shaw photographs—the fantastic attire on the models or the dashing Parisian interiors?  I have a book of Shaw’s photography of the Kennedy family (he is most famous for his chronicling of America’s Camelot) and have long been a fan of his rich, striking fashion photographs.  I adore his use of lighting—be it natural shining in from a window or low and sultry from a table lamp it always gives Shaw’s photographs a distinct mood.   My favorite?  The purple coat beside the leopard sofa.  Yours?





(images found at ana lee)

5 comments on “Mark Shaw in Paris, 1960

  1. Katherine aka. Urban Flea

    Oh do I have to choose? It’s actually incredible how modern they look in a way… I think I love the one with the pink dress and the blue sofa, which may have something to do with the fact that I’ve always wanted a blue velvet couch (nothing to do with the David Lynch movie…). Gorgeous finds! And may I say, I’m so tickled you commented over at Urban Flea, because I never would have come across your awesome blog. Definitely adding you to the blogroll. Hooray!

    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

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