A debonair lair…




The New York Times Home & Garden section always features the most beautiful projects and the latest in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights is no exception.  Decorated by Grant K. Gibson the home is brimming with yummy, masculine details AND was done on a budget.  I just love when young, inspiring decorators are given the recognition they deserve!  Be sure to read the Times article HERE for the full scoop!

8 comments on “A debonair lair…

  1. erika

    the top image looks very much like the same home of a few images i have saved in my files….if it isn’t…they definitely have VERY similar taste! I need to read this article!

  2. Stevi

    I wish I could have someone come and decorate my place to look something like that. I have some decorating sense but nothing like that.

  3. Grant K. Gibson

    Thank you so much for your mentioning me on your blog! It has been an amazing day!
    Thank you to everyone for your kind comments. Come to SF and visit anytime!

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