The “Liquor” Store


While in Manhattan, John and I made a little pilgrimage to J.Crew’s latest venture, the Liquor Store.” The brain child of Andy Spade in collaboration with the people over at J.Crew, the store inhabits a landmark Tribeca townhouse that dates back to 1825.  The original wood bar now boasts everything from vintage watches to John Derian paperweights.  John picked up a handsome wool driving cap and I drooled over the vintage books.  In one window display sits Andy Spade’s personal straw hat collection.  I tell you, the man is a genius.  The mix of J.Crew’s modern collection with the historic surrounding was flawless—no detail was overlooked.  I even wanted to buy the rugs off the floor!






6 comments on “The “Liquor” Store

  1. clarice

    Hey Kate!

    I love your blog. I almost wish i was a man so i could wear those awesome finds in your post! (almost).

    as for margaret atwood, dont read the blind assassin. not my fav and i think its not her best. read The handmaid’s tale — her best by far. and then oryx and crake. she writes amazing post-apocalyptic type literature. oh i could go on and on. but i wont haha.

    have a great day!

  2. Casey

    I pretty much want everything J. Crew makes. This store looks amazing – I can’t wait to visit when I get out to that side of the country!
    I picked up a pair of those suede MacAlister desert boots in August (from the first pic, atop the luggage), and I love them!

  3. Meighan

    Oh I love all of these manly things!! I think I should take my boyfriend on a dress-up trip to the liquor store! btw- I love the bowties from your previous post!!

  4. Rachel Dangerfield

    This is amazing! It’s like a man-thropologie or something. I just e-mailed it to my boyfriend. SO COOL. I love how they used the old sign for the outside.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Casey

    @Rachel: As someone who has long wished for a men’s section in Anthropologie, the word ‘man-thropologie’ just completely made my day!

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