Camelot Vows


Their marriage may not have been the fairy tale the public was led to believe, but the wedding of Jacqueline Bouvier, 24, to Senator John F. Kennedy, 36, was certainly one of the twentieth century’s most iconic.  The September 12, 1953 ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island and was followed by a reception at Jackie’s childhood home.  The couple had been engaged only three months following their year-long courtship.  I just adore Jackie’s Battenberg lace gown with it’s tiny sleeves, fitted bodice, and full, ruffled skirt.  There were rumors she didn’t care for her gown and that her mother made her wear it, but I don’t want to believe them.  She made for a beautiful bride, don’t you think?







(images from the Life archives)

7 comments on “Camelot Vows

  1. Red Lipstick Style

    She truely did make a beautiful bride. Imagine the suffering she went through later; I don’t know how she maintained such a flawless, lady-like image. She’s an inspriation.

  2. erika

    oh be still my HEART! i have such a love for jackie o and have never seen ALL of these pics!! you are so great to post these!! we definitely are on the same page! :)

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