What are you doing this weekend?


This weekend I think I’m going to carve out some time to read a good book.  It’s starting to get chilly out (during my morning stroll with Alfred it was so cold I could see my own breath and it’s only just October!) and I feel like curling up by a fire.  Pity we don’t have a fireplace!  Hmmmm…  We’re also going to pick up a vintage couch I found at a local thrift shop.  It’s navy blue velvet with nice, traditional lines and in almost perfect condition!  Now I have an excuse to buy throw pillows…  What are your plans my lovely readers?  Adventures?  Fiction?  Long walks on the beach?  XXXX Kate “the NEO-trad”

(pretty image found here)

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  1. Cafe Fashionista

    That looks like a stack of books from my personal collection – a few weeks ago I read Breakfast At Tiffany’s, I’ve been dying to read both Lolita and Franny and Zooey, and I’m currently reading The Virgin Suicides. I have a feeling that books will play a big part in my weekend activities! :)

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Oh I read Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time a few months ago! And I read Franny & Zooey back in high school and it was an all time fav. I found an awesome vintage copy that sits on my desk these days. I’m too much of a scardy cat to read the Virgin Suicides, although the movie was beautiful though dark. Thanks for stopping by Cafe Fashionista! Happy reading!

  3. Andy

    Hi Kate! Glad to have found your site. First dinner party of the fall over here this weekend, and since it is in fact quite cold, we’ll be braising like crazy. We don’t have a fireplace either- we just stand in front of the oven with a glass of wine. One day . . .

  4. Kirby

    Your weekend sounds wonderful! I’m heading to the book store after work, I’ve been itching to find a new book to read! I might also do some fabric shopping… I could spend all day looking at books and fabrics. Have a good weekend and I love your blog!

  5. Stevi

    I will be doing homework, grad school application stuff, cleaning, and maybe dinner with friends. Hopefully I can get a lot done!
    Hope you enjoy your books! Please share any good finds you read, I love a good book.

  6. Lindsay

    Hello Kate,
    No problem! I too can be a major space cadet :)
    As for my weekend…
    Midterms are this week (and then travel!) so I will be writing papers and studying until my eyes fall out of my head! (oh, and tonight is International Food Night, so at least I will be eating well!).
    How I wish I could curl up with a book (that I actually wanted to read) though!
    And the sofa sounds divine!

  7. Rachel {Inspiration in Italy}

    A navy blue velvet vintage couch sounds perfect, you have very good taste. It sounds like you share my love for traveling too, Switzerland must have been amazing. Thank you for your comment and I am inspired by your artistic talent :)

  8. melissa davis

    Sounds like a great autumnal weekend! ;) I read Virgin Suicides years ago but I have to say, I’m a bigger fan of the movie. (Wasn’t that just gorgeous?!) Hope YOU love it!

  9. erika

    oohhhh that sounds like SUCH a nice weekend! I want to read a good classic. it’s so hard to find good books i feel like! i’m about to start pillars of the earth….supposed to be amazing! have fun! xo

  10. Cassie

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting and thanks for your kind comment! I love your blog, here. That picture is great, too! Currently, I have a lot of reading on my hands. Lots of non-fiction and am looking for ideas for our next book club read. Let me know if you have any good ideas!

  11. Alana

    Please post on any good books that you come across – it is finally cooling down to the 80’s and 70s at night here in D-Town and would love to curl up with a good book!

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