Gourmet, Cookie + Modern Bride Fold


According to The New York Times blog this morning Conde Nast will be announcing the retirement of Gourmet, Cookie and Modern Bride magazines.  This is all too disappointing—when will the madness stop?  Gourmet, for one, has been around since 1940!  I refuse to believe print is dying, but the evidence surely points to the contrary…  Such a sad, sad day in the publishing world.

(Thanks for breaking it to us gently A Cup of Jo).

6 comments on “Gourmet, Cookie + Modern Bride Fold

  1. Cafe Fashionista

    I can’t stand saying goodbye to amazing magazines. This year has seen too many tragic demises in the magazine industry – the worst, in my opinion, being Domino. When will the madness stop? :(

  2. Andy

    Gourmet, with its enormous legacy, is particularly heartbreaking. Who’s going to pay for all of those gorgeous Richard Ferretti-directed photo shoots now? And all of the great writers in Ruth’s stable . . . sad, sad news.

  3. Laura.

    kate! i am so glad you came over to say hello. your blog is so lovely! my heart just sinks when i think that these great magazines are going away. print cannot die! i can’t read everything on a screen for the rest of my life!

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