Latest obsession: Caitlin McGauley

Picture 127

You know when you stumble across something by chance and feel as though you’ve found your soulmate?  Well, that’s how I feel about the illustrations of Caitlin McGauley.  When I came across her work in the newly debuted Lonny magazine and made my way to her website it was truly as though I’d died and gone to heaven.  Above is a shot of her homepage—I mean, really, could it possibly be any more charming?  Just look at that classic sailor striped tank, the vintage globe and camera, ballet flats and bubbly!  If you love what you see be sure to also check out Caitlin’s blog “My NYC Sketchbook” you’ll be charmed, I’m quite sure.





(all illustrations by Caitlin McGauley)

14 comments on “Latest obsession: Caitlin McGauley

  1. buhdoop

    I completely agree! I felt the same way when I saw Romero Britto’s artwork for the first time. You may like him, he uses a lot of bright fun colors

  2. Jen

    stumbled upon your blog through the Marais blog-love it very inspiring!

    anyway- these illustrations are very similar to the illustrations. i wonder if they are by her as well?

  3. AbbieBabble

    Those little paintings are just perfect. I had trouble making it through Lonny- the online format just felt kind of weird to me- but if there are treasures like this inside, I think I’ll have to try again!

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