The Bachelor Pad


I’m helping a doctor friend spruce up his bachelor pad and I thought I ought to share a bit.  Above is a little collage (click to enlarge) I made him of my “design concept.”  He definitely leans towards modern, clean-lined, masculine designs so I’ve been encouraging him to throw some more vintage inspired pieces into the mix.  The interior shot with the airplane is by interior designer Nate Berkus and the other with the vintage airplane models is from an unknown source (anyone recognize it—AD? Elle Decor?).  As for the individual pieces, the mid-century-inspired paperclip table and glass lamp are from CB2 (such steals…), the art a Rothko print from the Guggenheim’s collection, the world map is in fact gift wrap by Cavallini & Co. and the model boat by Crate and Barrel.  He hasn’t given me a budget, but I love to keep things as affordable as possible.  It’s more of a challenge and I whole-heartedly believe that beautiful spaces don’t have to break the bank!  Updates to follow…

(collage by the NEO-traditionalist)

11 comments on “The Bachelor Pad

  1. pve

    Try shopping at thrift or vintage shops and barter – You can always find plenty of vintage manly items to add a gentlemanly touch.

  2. Cafe Fashionista

    Ooh, what a fun new project to undertake. Love your ideas thus far; and pve is right – vintage and thrift shops are fabulous places to pick up pieces that will really add a little life to the decor! :)

  3. Red Lipstick Style

    I’m really learning to shop vintage and thrift. You really do find some great pieces. What an exciting job you have. Now, I must go back to designing my numbers… ;-)

    happy Monday!

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