Sally King Benedict


I’ve taken plenty of art history courses in my day, but I still judge a painting most often by my gut reaction—the emotions it wells up within me.  These paintings by Sally King Benedict have me head over heels with their bold strokes and feminine color palette.  They remind me of a free-spirited, female Rothko (not surprisingly, Benedict credits Rothko’s work as a major influence).  A graduate of the College of Charleston, Benedict’s first exhibit was “inspired by the natural beauty of South Carolina Low Country and the urban sharpness of New York City.”  While living in Manhattan last year I took a vacation to Charleston and was immediately smitten with the distinctive southern landscape.  I am in awe over the success Benedict’s work has had in walking the line between the chaos of the metropolis and the charm and comfort of the south.  Oh and on a side note, did I mention she has an old letterpress in her studio?  Clearly our kind of gal.






10 comments on “Sally King Benedict

  1. Cafe Fashionista

    You’re so right about the feminine color pallette. All too often you see similar work that is done with primary colors – green, red, blue – or dark hues; but these paintings are all so light and airy due to the pastel-like shades. Loving the second one! :)

  2. hailey

    makes me want to go visit charleston! you’re right, i can see the roethko, and the pastels are definitely evoking a surge of emotions.

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