Rubie Green’s Eco-Friendly Tips!

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I am completely smitten with this collection of eco-friendly tips put together by Rubie Green founder Michelle Adams and illustrator Caitlin McGauley.  It was created for Rubie Green’s recent soiree at Calypso Home (so sorry to have missed it!) which Michelle put on with the help of the lovely ladies over at Ruby Press.  Be sure to click the image above to enlarge—such great tips!  To read more about the fabulous fete check out Michelle’s blog HERE.

Go green my dear readers, Rubie Green!

9 comments on “Rubie Green’s Eco-Friendly Tips!

  1. Nichole

    Caitlin McGauley’s illustrations are so fantastic! Have loved them ever since you showed them off via Lonny. I wish she sold her prints!

  2. Stevi

    I love this. Great idea on how to be more eco friendly. I love the set up of the list as well it’s so aesthetically pleasing! You always find the best stuff!

  3. Johanna

    thanks for visiting my blog. i love, love, love tip #8. i’m into being as
    eco-friendly as possible. you can also make homemade natural cleaning products. my favorite is putting a piece of lemon or orange peel down the garbage disposal to freshen the drain and kitchen. Btw, McGauley’s illustrations are great!

  4. Michelle

    Hi guys!
    Thank you SO MUCH for your kind responses and for this post! I’m so glad you enjoyed our tips :) And yes I agree- Caitlin’s work is the best!! You can contact her via her website as she will do custom work for you! I’ve already purchased three paintings and am having a hard time not commissioning more… ;)

    Thanks again!

  5. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by and sharing this great news about Caitlin’s work. I’m already brainstorming all the things I might have commission her to paint! Have a lovely weekend. We’re rooting for you and Lonny and Rubie Green!
    XXX Kate

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