Holiday Greetings on Etsy…


Like most of us, I adore the holidays—the excuse to bundle up and drink hot cider by the fire, the decorations, the gathering of families, the gift wrapping, and last but certainly not least, the sending and receiving of good, old-fashioned GREETING CARDS.  Here are a few of my favorites this season compliments of Etsy.

Above, Sweaters in Love.


Letterpress and Watercolor Wreath by PaperMonkeyPress


Evergreens by RedBirdInk


Christmas Ornaments by LouLouCreations


Shimmer Snowflake by SpottedFlats


Vintage Menorah Illustration by PetitePaperie


Berry and Aqua Holiday Deers by TurtlePapers


Happy Holidays by PaperMonkeyPress


Deck the Halls by BlueNotePress


Coal by PaperMonkeyPress

6 comments on “Holiday Greetings on Etsy…

  1. celia

    that last one is priceless!!
    by the way, that chateau we stayed at was…

    it’s about a five minute drive out of downtown beaune, and it was the best experience of our trip. i don’t know when you guys are planning on going, but they rent out bikes to take into town for 10 euro a day. it was raining when we went, so that didn’t really work out for us. anyway, we’ve already decided that we’re definitely going back!

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