My Little Underwood


I brought home this little Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter this weekend and just love how fun it looks perched on my bookshelf.  As of now it doesn’t work, but we may try to repair it.  I’m in love.  Below, more photos of my exact model and a French advertisement for the typewriter when it debuted in 1926.





(images found here)

4 comments on “My Little Underwood

  1. Lindsay

    Charmant! I hope you get to fix it and use it at some point! When I was little I used to love typing letters to my cousins on my mom’s old typewriter. How this brings back those memories!

  2. jane

    That is such a wonderful thing! I want one so much! Wouldn’t it be fun to repair it and be able to type away. So much fun :)

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