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Is it strange that I am seriously lusting after the J.Crew “Classic Union Suit” this winter?  The “vintage inspired one-piece” as they describe it, just looks so comfy!  It recalls memories of childhood Christmases filled with dreams of Santa, evergreen trees and Frank Sinatra christmas carols.  Maybe I’m not ready to grow up yet…

10 comments on “Union Suit Onesie

  1. cathi

    That’s exactlty the type of memories those remind me of too…Love those! I would definitely still wear those to bed or throw on a pair of jeans and they’d look perfect!

  2. Helen

    ooooh these look so cosy. i remember having a onesie as a kid when i was about 8 – mickey mouse one. it was wonderful (although a bit of a pain to go the toilet in really)

  3. Lindsay

    I have definitely been considering this- and also kind of feeling weird about it. But it looks so cozy! I have been telling myself that if we go skiing, it could totally count as my “long johns” under my ski gear :)

  4. Haley

    Ahhh I’m loving these as well! And at a much better price than the Alexander Wang one-piece from last fall. Great find! Love your blog : )

  5. Stevi

    I need that. It would serve me perfectly during the cold months and I can picture myself with a hot cup of cocoa, a good movie, and good friends.

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