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Kate Spade has partnered with Women for Women International to bring us a selection of hand-knit goods this winter.  These adorable color-blocked mittens are part of the “Hand in Hand” collection created by survivors of the war in former Yugoslavia.  Kate Spade creative director Deborah Lloyd traveled to Bosnia to meet the women and learn about their craft.  You can read about her trip here.  I too have traveled throughout former Yugoslavia and found Bosnia and Herzegovina to be a sad, yet hopeful place.  The city of Sarajevo and surrounding countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and the people there are working hard to recover what was lost.  I support anything we can do to help them—bravo to Kate Spade and Women for Women International!  Below, more images from the Hand in Hand collection.

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3 comments on “Hand in Hand

  1. Lindsay

    I have been eyeing those mittens for so long!! I didn’t know the story behind them though- how great!
    Also, I didn’t go on the former-Yugoslavia trip, but my best friend did and she told me how gorgeous Sarajevo was! Now this lovely mittens- I must go!

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