Girl Crush


Okay so I was going to sign off for the weekend, but then I came across this gorgeous photo of Catherine from Rikshaw Design and couldn’t help but post.  Seriously—how cute is she???  Love her orange top, fun jewelry and bright blue throw!  Not to mention her bright little office complete with a lovely inspiration board.  If you’re not yet familiar with Rikshaw’s products you’re in for a treat—it’s the sweetest block printed bedding and accessories you’ve ever seen.  I’m counting down the days until spring 2010 when they launch their large sized bedding!  Congratulations to Catherine and the Rikshaw Team on a stunning photo shoot.  Below, Rikshaw’s adorable elephant pillows.  Visit the shop HERE >>>


(images via Catherine’s fantastic blog)

12 comments on “Girl Crush

  1. rikshaw design

    jumping in..
    the elephants are currently on sale for $39 from $52..if you use code holiday2009 at check-out!
    want everyone to get a deal!
    yes a cali date for sure and bring lil alfie..he can ride on the plane easily!

  2. hailey

    oh yes! the elephants!!! and i really do love the office – and the hair!
    i can spend hours trying to decide which one of the elephants i like best…

  3. Susu

    Doesn’t Catherine look great!What a great push for rikshaw! No one can go wrong with their products!(By the way Catherine is my daughter!)

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