Desk Envy: Mr. Boddington

Picture 33

I am in love with Mr. Boddington stationery, who isn’t?  But right now I want to talk about his desk.  Isn’t it lovely with its fabulous tortoise frames, orange tea cup, vintage typewriter, and three-legged stool?  Oh and yes, those are copies of our beloved, retired Domino tucked inside.  Below, envelope inserts by Mr. Boddington to lure you into checking out their website.  Try not to drool ladies…

Picture 34

8 comments on “Desk Envy: Mr. Boddington

  1. jane

    What a wonderful photo! I really quite desperately want that desk and everything on it. And the stool too. I keep spying new great things about it…. the typewriter! The globe! That suitcase. The stunning wallpaper. And the cup of tea which tops it all off just perfectly. Thanks for sharing, I’d never heard of Mr Boddington!

  2. Alexandra

    Wow, how neat would it be to open a letter and see such a cute envelope?
    That desk is so fantastic, I think that it would be impossible to sit there without enjoying it.

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    So glad you ladies enjoyed this desk shot as much as I did! Their stuff is so unique and whimsical. I’m borderline obsessed with the Boddington website—hope you got a chance to check it out!
    XX Kate

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