I want a porcupine…





I am absolutely, positively smitten with these adorable animal photographs by Sharon Montrose.  Yes, all of them are real, live baby animals!  Prints are available on her Etsy shop.  I can’t decide which I want more—the porcupine or the piglet?  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to buy an entire series…  Or better yet, perhaps I can commission her to shoot my wrinkly little pug Alfie!

(via Unruly Things)

5 comments on “I want a porcupine…

  1. abbiebabble

    I had a friend in college who actually had a pet hedgehog! I can’t remember what she called him, but it was some very British name. It seemed quite appropriate.

    All of these photos are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

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