Farmhouse Makeover


It is one of my life goals to buy a little fixer-upper house and give it a makeover so I am always touched by home renovation stories.  I saved (and made John read) this article from Country Living about a white clapboard farmhouse in upstate New York.  The Brooklyn based couple (stylists Sacha Dunn and Edmund Levine) wanted a country retreat and found it in a dilapidated 1800 cottage in Columbia County for a mere $120,000.  When they began the residence had no kitchen and one room even had a dirt floor, but after months of renovations and decorations just look what they pulled off!  Below, a before + after feast!












(photographed by Dana Gallagher)

7 comments on “Farmhouse Makeover

  1. mary

    I actually just read that issue and loved this piece! Have you seen the hardcover books Country Living put out? They are rectangular books with hundreds of ideas, I just discovered them!

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Mary! Can’t wait to see you next week! I haven’t seen the Country Living books—you’ll have to show me! I’m absolutely in love with the magazine now that they’ve spruced things up a bit…gorgeous. XXXXX Kate

  3. Stacie

    So beautiful! I love how bright and clean everything looks.

    I also dream of living in/fixing up an old house but alas my husband does not share my dream. If I can find one with the fixing already done I think he would go for it :)

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